Plan Your Trip

The Rockglen and District Tourism Committee welcomes you to our totally unique tourist destination.

Rockglen is about 1 1/ 2 hours south if you turn onto #2 at Moose Jaw. As you drive toward Rockglen from Assiniboia you will notice the landscape becoming more scenic and by the time you arrive in Rockglen you will have forgotten that "the prairies are supposed to be flat!"

Watch for wildlife as you enter our area -- it's diverse and abundant. Look out especially for Mule Deer, Whitetail deer and Pronghorn Antelope -- they don't obey the jaywalking laws! There are many varieties of ducks, geese, hawks and owls and if you look up you may get a good look at a Golden Eagle or a Turkey vulture!

A short walk into the hills in springtime will reveal a profusion of flowers. In spring you can see Crocuses, Prairie Lilies, Cactus, Phlox, Golden Rod and Evening Primrose to name only a few. Many varieties of native trees also grow naturally in our valleys, including Willows, Maples, Ash, Poplar, Chokecherry and others and, since we have vast tracts of uncultivated land, most species of native prairie grasses are still to be found.

Since we are located at the junctions of #2 and #18 highways in the heart of the South Country Recreational Area, Rockglen is a natural hub from which you can explore all the tourist attractions of South Central Saskatchewan. Coronach's Outlaw Days, golf course, Mine and Thermal Generating Station, the Big Muddy Badlands, the Killdeer Badlands, Wood Mountain’s historic N.W.M.P. Post and Rodeo Ranch Museum,The St. Victor Petroglyphs and Willow Bunch’s excellent Museum and golf course are all less than a 40 minute drive. If you're coming from the U.S.A. Moose Jaw, with its Tunnels and Spa, is only 1 1/2 hours north.

The Town of Rockglen Campground has 8 sites and they are located next to the Tourism Visitor Centre. 

2 sites - 30 AMP power @ 30.00 per night/$180.00 per week
6 sites - 20AMP power @ 20.00 per night/$120.00 per week
There are no time limits on the length of stay, but campers
must pay for a second day if they stay beyond 12/noon. 

Payment can be made:
a. At the Visitor Centre
b. In the slot above the "Fees" mailbox located on the side of Visitor Centre
c. At the Town Office - Open Tuesday through Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm, (306)476-2144
Our campsites open the Long Weekend in May until Long Weekend in September.  There is a public washroom, shower and laundry facility available.  Arrangements can be made with the Town Office for parking outside of the above dates, although washrooms, shower and laundry will not be available.  The Town has campsite rules posted on the side of Visitor Centre