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How do I contribute content?
Every month the School and Community work together and contribute to the construction of a local newsletter.  Deadline for the 2019 Newsletters are: September 26, October 24, November 21 & December 12, 2019 .  Please try and send your information by email or drop it off at the school on a USB stick or CD disc along with a hard copy by 2:30.  The less we have to type and prepare the easier it is for us.  After all we are volunteers!!   If you send us information after the deadline we will not guarantee that it will be in the newsletter. 

We welcome all community news, information and advertisements.  The following is a breakdown of advertisement costs:  
1/6 of a legal page $15.00
 ¼ of a legal page $25.00
½ of a legal page $45.00
1 full legal page $90.00
and classifieds are $5.00 per inch
Payment for advertisements is due upon printing.

Email  Colleen Keller with your information today.