Welcome to the South Country Recreation Area!

Rockglen is a natural base for exploring the entire South Country Recreation Area! Park your rig at the Visitor Centre, Rockin Beach Regional Park or stay in any of our other comfortable accommodations as you explore the many attractions of South Country. As you walk through the trees, hills and valleys of the Burning Hills or Yost’s Hiking Trails take some pictures to warm your heart next winter. 

The Visitor Centre is a historic CPR Station and a designated Saskatchewan Heritage Site. Drop in and pick up Tourism information, have a coffee and check out the local Art and Crafts.  

Ask the helpful staff about local attractions such as The Effie Mattson Nature Walk. and Archeological Center.  To get there; drive up Columbus Avenue to kiosk on 5th St. North which is the entrance to the Park. There, a Regional Diorama will help you visualize the massive geological forces that have formed the landscape as the last great glacier halted against the Wood Mountain Uplands. Visualize how its massive glacial meltwaters left behind the 100 metre deep valley in which you stand before carving their way southeastward through the Big Muddy Badlands toward the United States.  Anyone who climbs Columbus, the hill in the Effie Mattson Nature Walk, will be rewarded with an excellent view of Rockglen and the surrounding country. Take your camera and record your achievement. The biological diversity of the plant life and archeological artifacts there are there for everyone to enjoy. Please leave them where you find them.  

Rockin’ Beach Regional Park - About six kilometers east of Rockglen just north of Highway #18, beside Fife Lake, is Rockin’ Beach Park. This quiet beach area has been restored for your enjoyment with ample fully serviced parking and a Reunion Centre for large group gatherings. Enjoy the various events scheduled throughout the summer or take advantage of the abundant parking, baseball fields, concession booth and playground equipment for your next family reunion or camping experience.

For Birders, Fife Lake is home to the endangered Piping Plover and Northern Shrike, so you might want to walk along the shores to see if you can spot one. Unfortunately because of recent dry hot summers the lake is low we cannot recommend it for swimming, power boating or water skiing.

The Wood Mountain Uplands west of Rockglen are one of only four areas in North America unaffected by the last glaciations. Because of this, the Killdeer Badlands of Grasslands National Park just west of Killdeer were the site of the first Duck-billed Dinosaur fossils found in Western Canada and a large Sea Turtle whose fossils can be seen in the Royal Museum in Regina. We hope to make our local archeological digs available to tourist viewing in the near future.

Enjoy your stay! Park your rig and explore our many regional attractions, each within a half hour’s drive, or ask about the availability of chartered tours.  Spend a day or a week - there'll still be plenty to see and do.