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Wood Mountain Wagon Train

History of Wagon Train

Dr. Richard Turriff organized the first Wagon Train to Wood Mountain.  A group of teamsters and riders gathered at the Wayne Crawford Ranch at Willow Bunch and with Henry Cote as Trail Boss and Gerry Clark as Camp Boss, they put together the first wagon trek to the Wood Mountain Rodeo.  In every year since, they have left from Willow bunch, Val Marie, or Fife Lake, camping along the trail in a reenactment of the pioneer’s historic life style as they came to start a new life in the west.


2018 Wood Mountain Wagon Train
This summer our heritage of wagons rolling through the Uplands will happen again as they wind their way from Rockglen to the Old Post at Wood Mountain for its annual Stampede.  If you enjoy the fresh air, wide open spaces and breathtaking views that our pioneers did, grab  your gear, grease the wagon wheels and saddle up for the time of your life with the Wood Mountain Wagon Train!

This year on July 1st, 2018, the Wagon Train will gather approximately 1 mile south of Rockglen, SK, to set up the base camp.  Until Friday the 6th, our Wagon Train will leave there to explore the rugged beauty of the surrounding hills and deep, well-treed valleys that have made the Uplands a special place over the centuries.  Riding the prairies on horseback or in your wagon, you'll see wild life, vibrant sunsets and magnificent star-lit open prairie skies that will amaze you.  Then on Friday the 6th we will start our trek to the historic Wood Mountain Stampede, which originated in 1880, making it the oldest continuous Annual Rodeo in Canada.  

Your authentic old west adventure will be guided by Trail Boss Teresa Broeder, whom has years of experience guiding wagon trains through historic and beautiful countryside.   To enjoy this true western experience, send you name, address, phone number and the number of outriders, horses and wagons you plan to bring, along with your cheque payable to "Wood Mountain Wagon Train" to Teresa Broeder, Trail Boss, Wood Mountain Wagon Train, Box 1345, Assiniboia, SK, S0H 0B0.

Single: $50, Couples $80., or Family $100 (One or both parents with children under age 18)

For more information, please call Teresa (306) 642-4073 or Marty (306 642-3221. 

The Wood Mountain Wagon Train believes in safety, respect of the land and providing a unique heritage event.